Heal and restore, day of workshops


An interactive healing day of workshops to allow reconnection with your whole self.

We invite you to explore your physiological and psychological responses to nature and existence through a combination of therapeutic yoga, breathwork, psychological and spiritual connection. 

Together we combine our skills to create a series of workshops for you uniquely designed to allow you to connect with yourself but also safely connect with each other.  To explore your whole self through somatic connection and reflective discussion.

Here’s what you will receive!

Our uniquely created day is made up of 4 workshops starting and ending with an opening and closing connective space:

Workshop 1:  Utilising the power of the breath

Workshop 2: Therapeutic yoga and self massage techniques

Workshop 3:  Interactive exploration of your personal fears and desires

Workshop 4:  Somatic movement and yin yoga session

A light lunch will be served as well as snacks and hot drinks

During our time together you will:

  • Connect with your autonomic nervous system through therapeutic yoga practice, self massage techniques, utilising the breath and essential oils .  These practices will be great in particular if you have been experiencing overwhelm, stress, anxiety, low mood or just need space to reconnect with yourself!
  • Learn about how your experiences leave imprints on your body and ability to access your whole and/ or true self.
  • Re-connect with yourself, shift vibration and ground
  • Process and release stuck emotion and / or traumas from your body.
  • Develop greater connection to your physiological and psychological responses.
  • Feel deeper connection to your fears and desires.
  • Feel a greater sense or personal control and authority over your life

Where will this event be held?

The event will be held at Urban Yoga Wilmslow studio – a beautiful space in the heart of Wilmslow, a gorgeous space where we can come together in solidarity and love.  The studio is Unit 1A, 3 Hawthorn Ln, Wilmslow SK9 5GT – just behind the Busy Bee Bakery!

How much will the day cost?

There are limited spaces and the event is £80.

About us

Dr Rathika Marsh, the Spiritual Psychologist combines her 14 years of experience as a Psychologist with Spirituality to create powerful healing experiences through one to one coaching, group programmes, courses and international retreats. She supports women and men around the world to explore, heal and expand from their traumas and subconscious patterning. To step into their whole being without shame through integrating their dark and raising consciousness.

Will Burton – a Yoga Instructor, Myofascial Release Massage Specialist and Movement Coach. Formerly a Buddhist and Mindfulness coach, now the definitive movement therapist, Will has an unbeatable passion for therapeutic studies. Will works from private clinics and in group settings throughout the Northwest, to help you move better.


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