Hands on Assist and Effective Sequencing for Yoga Teachers



20 hour Hands on Assist and effective sequencing training for Yoga Teachers

With Andrea Everingham and Will Burton

Saturday 6th July & Sunday 7th July


Yoga Alliance Accredited

Training manual included

Every Yoga Pose has a unique opportunity to offer help with the application of physical adjustment or support from your yoga instructor. In this training we can offer some versatile insights how to caringly influence the yoga asana (pose) by the application of touch, support or manual therapy.

Before helping your Yoga students, it’s important to understand what anatomically your yoga poses is asking you to practice. Alignment, extension, stability, relaxation?

Effective sequencing;  how to design your yoga practice with careful consideration for building towards a Peak Pose, such as balance posture inversion or deep backbends.

Also learn how to class to deepen your yoga routine to seamlessly incorporate Chinese meridian theory, pranayama and meditation techniques. Honoring the sacred and Yogic lifestyle is always the most important part of a good yoga class.

Discover the world of meridians, digestion and the pranic body and how the they interact with your yoga postures and adjustments.

Train in the art of body reading; If energy is how we interpret the subtle changes in our environment. How do we train ourselves to be more intelligent when interacting in our class. The more our yoga and meditation practice deepens equally the more calm and meditative we become on our own path. This in turn encourages us as yoga teachers to be more intuitive when working with our Yoga students. (It’s all in the feel.)

Day 1)

  • Day Starts with Traditional Hatha Yoga for Yoga teachers and open practice for students wishing to join.
  • Hands on Adjustment training; Standing, Balancing, Backbends.
  • Effective Sequencing and Class presentation exercises.

Day 2)

  • Day Starts with Yin Yoga Meridian class for Yoga teachers and open practice for students wishing to join.
  • Hands on Adjustment training; Inversions, Seated, Relaxation.
  • The pranic Body and reading body-Language Training.
  • Your Sacred Contract.

To participate in this program please pay in full using the website (non refundable)

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July


Accredited by Yoga Alliance

Training manual included

One Yoga Horwich

66a Lee Lane





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