It’s always a sensitive subject when choosing a Bodywork Therapist or Yoga Teacher :

So take time to read what my clients say about me.

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“I treated myself to Will’s personal Bodywork session and i absolutely loved it. As a yoga teacher myself i rarely get the opportunity to deeply look after myself and tend to my needs. I’ve realised now that this is essential after feeling so good. Will’s genuine open hearted approach to teaching instantly puts you at ease and the bodywork itself is incredible, i released lots of built up tension and had a few realisations during the session which will enhance my daily life. I came away feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to make a few positive changes to myself. I highly recommend this session to anyone who needs to relax, release and let go. Thanks Will if there were more than a 5 star option I’d rate it 10.”

“I have had 2 sessions of bodywork with Will and I can not describe how amazing they were. I went originally due to problems with my back and came away with this fixed and so much more. I hadn’t realised but I had tight hips which were contributing to my back problems. I have not had any back issues since my 1st session which is amazing. I have also suffered with my knee for years and this has also improved massively. I can not recommend these sessions enough. Thank you so much.”

“I’ve always suffered with tight hamstrings and even after a few years of yoga practice I wasn’t making the progress I wanted so I booked in for some bodywork with Will. I was able to see results straight away, it has made me less stiff in my legs in general and more open in the hips.”

“What a day! Yoga, meditation, meditation walk, fabulous lunch and great people. Will and Jackie were amazing and we have taken away so much from today. Cheers guys!”

“Will definitely has a special aura about him. He encourages you to take the practice at a level which is right for you, but also helps you to believe you can get further. The yin yoga sessions are just amazing and helped me so much in terms of understanding myself and the need to “let go” during the meditation element. I have only one criticism and that is why on earth did I not start yoga with Will Burton sooner.”

“Will is a fab teacher, really makes yoga relateable and fun, it doesn’t feel like exercise! I love how he mixes things up and deconstructs the standard approach to a class with focus on breathing and rest as well as achieving postures. I also love the later timing of the Helsby Tuesday class as others can be too early and clash with dinner / kids bedtimes. Thanks Will!”

“Wills classes are always fun, safe and relaxing. I feel able to go at my own pace creating a comfortable practice. Will is an excellent teacher, a knowledgeable person and all round lovely guy. After class my body feels more flexible and my mind more peaceful. I absolutely recommend Wills classes.”

“Will has amazing knowledge, skill and experience which he clearly enjoys sharing with others. Over the last few months of attending his classes my own yoga practice has developed massively and with his help I’m managing to work towards poses which I struggled with previously. I really look forward to the classes each week and always feel much calmer afterwards which really helps with my hectic day-to-day life. Highly recommended!”

“Would highly recommend Will Burton Yoga. Will’s classes are suitable for all levels and the best bit is that although it is a generic class he still manages to help you work to your personal level and see progression. A lovely way to exercise mind and body.”

“Fab yoga classes really enjoying bringing the mind and body into the practice this way! Come away feeling calm and yet refreshed. Looking forward to the next week! Thanks Will.”

Will is passionate about providing therapeutic services to vulnerable adults, check out some work references;

“Will came into Champions House on a weekly basis to deliver mediation and yoga classes which all our members thoroughly enjoyed and received practical tips and helpful information to assist with their ongoing recovery from substance misuse. Will was a pleasure to work alongside and I have personally witnessed him help, support and guide many service user’s whilst working at Champions House. Will is excellent at the groups he delivers, Champions House would encourage Tenders to purchase Will’s services and we hope to see him return soon.”

– Recovery Community Engagement and Activities Coordinator, CAIS